Broken Record

from by Byrdman

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This song is about the weirdest fucking dream I've ever had, and how it somehow made me really sad despite how stupid and ridiculous it was.


I had a dream that my Dad drove our entire family into a quarry
Because our car started to slip as we drove around the side
Still don't remember how it happened - Guess it doesn't really matter
The point is that I freaked and then I jumped out of the side
And I landed a lake - Thank God for that relief
On the surface, counting blessings, recognized what I was breathing
I tried to stop my squealing so that I could find some help
Because I guess I kinda need it - I'm a paranoid depressive
I'm a paranoid depressive
I'm a paranoid depressive

I pulled over to a tiny hospital on the side of the road
Shrunk down fast, made an entrance and I asked to see a doctor
Though they haven't really helped me, guess that doesn't really matter
The point is that the drugs they gave me made my head spin faster
I started tasting colors and I started feeling tastes
And the tiny people around me looked like walking talking faces
With shark fins and mermaid tails and bright pink bandannas
And they said, "You need help, you're a paranoid depressive"
You're a paranoid depressive
You're a paranoid depressive

I kick-started my own heart with a magic microphone you gave
To me on my birthday when I was just 15 and
We sang Guilt: The Song and I played my guitar
We laughed
We cried
I gained 15 pounds
And in the end we walked out smiling, hand in sweaty hand
And we sang, and we danced, we even made our own new band
But it was all some stupid dream so I guess that nothing really matters
I'm still stupid, I'm still ugly, I'm a paranoid depressive
I'm a paranoid depressive
I'm a paranoid depressive
I'm a paranoid depressive


from Escape Humanity!, released August 1, 2015
This song goes out to no one because it holds a lot of personal weight to me, sorry!

But you should totally still show everyone you know this track!



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Byrdman Washington, D.C.

Four dudes makin' noise in yer basement.

Jack David - Guitar, Vocals
Nick David - Drums, Vocals
Connor Cragg - Bass
Thomas Allain - Keyboard

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