Escape Humanity!

by Byrdman

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This is our second full length album, released through our bandcamp (which you are currently on) and, with the help of Steal Reserve Records, it will eventually (hopefully) be available on cassette tape! Go buy one when they come out!

This album is about everything that I am not and that no one can be. Each song is kind of me trying to connect and empathize with people or creatures that don't exist on a literal level but I often find myself thinking about. This really doesn't make sense, but I often accidentally incorporate elements of fantasy into my songs, so I kind of compiled all of the ones that I felt I put the most imagination or emotion into and compiled them into this album, and here we are.

Thanks a ton for listening.


released August 1, 2015

We couldn't / wouldn't have been able to make this album if it wasn't for several people, so many that we sadly cannot name each and every one of them, so thanks if you listen or support Byrdman and our music.

Thanks to Julia, Maddie, and McKenzie for taking pictures and videos for us at all of our shows, you guys are amazing.

Thanks to Anna for shooting a music video for us.

Thanks to Charlie, Michaela, Moira, Virginia, and Iva for hosting us and letting us show off some of these songs before this album even existed and for helping us put on some super fun shows.

Thanks to my brother/bandmates Nick and Connor for making this easier to record.

Thanks to Thomas for playing guitar with us live.

Thanks to my mom for letting us do this thing, we're sorry about how loud we are.

Thanks to my dad for letting us borrow so much stuff.

Thanks to Steal Reserve Records for helping us get this thing out there, this is super cool and I am so excited about everything you are doing for us.

Thanks to Reddit for being so nice to us and letting us share our music.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who considers themselves a supporter of our music, you guys are what make this thing so much fun.

Tracks 4 and 7 are cover songs written by Andrew Jackson Jihad and Foot Ox respectively.

Album Art - Breck Hickman

Guitar, Vox, Keyboard, Synth, Mandolin, Banjo - Jack David

Drums, Vox - Nick David

Bass - Connor Cragg

Production/Recording/Mixing - Jack David



all rights reserved


Byrdman Washington, D.C.

Four dudes makin' noise in yer basement.

Jack David - Guitar, Vocals
Nick David - Drums, Vocals
Connor Cragg - Bass
Thomas Allain - Keyboard

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Track Name: End Reality
I met the devil
He moved to Chicago
And no one loves him
Just like his father never will

Because the devil's bisexual
But he trusts no one
To understand the evil that consumes him or where it might have come from

And the devil has problems
With the people who surround him
Because the things they lust for are so blatantly unimportant

Gimme all your money
Yeah, put it into my machine
I swear I'll treat it better than I should, I handle money really poorly

And I'm so stranded
On this island of false hope
That there's a heaven left to go to
I've been told firsthand I won't go
Track Name: Shark Tooth Necklace
What are you talking about?
I guess I don't remember that conversation
I lost my shark tooth necklace
In the ocean when you left
I'm head over heels for myself
I'm feeling good, I think I am okay
I am focusing on the positives
I might've finally gotten away

But I think I just want the summer back...

I wanna swim in the ocean 'til I find it
I wanna put it around your neck tomorrow
I wanna start a fire on the sand, burning coals can never hurt me
I am my own human being

I think I am starting to come alive
I think the world around me changed
I dedicate this song to the memory
Of a depressed and loathsome being
I am a man of many words
But I'll pop my thought bubbles for tonight
I don't need my head if I'm going swimming
I'm not trying to start a fire

Because I think I might've finally won the war...

I wanna swim in the ocean 'til I find it
I wanna put it around your neck tomorrow
I wanna cancel all my plans and just pretend I have no worries
I wanna be a kid again

The sun is going down but where's the moon?
Is midnight far away?
I will be howling like a wolf
I'll repeat everything you say
And I can be a good boy if you please
I can stop being so damn fake
I could be the friend you always wanted
I can be the risk you'd never take

But I am perfectly okay...

I wanna swim in the ocean 'til I find it
I wanna put it around your neck tonight
I wanna fight off all the evil feelings that I get when I'm alone
But I am never alone anymore
Track Name: I Could Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted
Burnt out in the basement
While you were hanging in your kitchen
And Justen was drawing on the table by himself
Anna was telling stories that everyone had thought were really boring
And I refused to say a word, I knew what Maddie meant
(when she said that she hated me)

Moira made me feel like I fit in
Michaela let me play inside her basement
Nick was telling stupid jokes out loud over the microphone
And Ella and Rachel seemed to think that he was funny
The good vibes make me feel like I'm a downer
I miss Sydney haven't seen her in a while
All the horror stories about my adolescence keep on coming back
And I'm embarrassed to admit I was ever happy and annoying and a poseur

The car drove out the driveway and I just stood there
Emily said she missed me and I felt awkward
Sam was waiting patiently as he whispered things to Cassidy
And Jenna and Aly and Eryn seemed to disappear

And you kinda did the same and I'm just waiting for the day when all the people that I love move on without me
I miss my mom, I miss my dad, I miss my brother, I miss the back of my best friend's car as we would drive around for hours
I miss Brianna

Everyone is out to get me
But I don't think I care enough to stop them
I've been drowning in self-pity
But I'm not strong enough to overcome it
And through the awkward conversations
All the funny things I say to stay relevant
I feel like nothing's gonna change like the fact that I'm afraid to take a step forward
And try to make my life any better
Track Name: Broken Record
I had a dream that my Dad drove our entire family into a quarry
Because our car started to slip as we drove around the side
Still don't remember how it happened - Guess it doesn't really matter
The point is that I freaked and then I jumped out of the side
And I landed a lake - Thank God for that relief
On the surface, counting blessings, recognized what I was breathing
I tried to stop my squealing so that I could find some help
Because I guess I kinda need it - I'm a paranoid depressive
I'm a paranoid depressive
I'm a paranoid depressive

I pulled over to a tiny hospital on the side of the road
Shrunk down fast, made an entrance and I asked to see a doctor
Though they haven't really helped me, guess that doesn't really matter
The point is that the drugs they gave me made my head spin faster
I started tasting colors and I started feeling tastes
And the tiny people around me looked like walking talking faces
With shark fins and mermaid tails and bright pink bandannas
And they said, "You need help, you're a paranoid depressive"
You're a paranoid depressive
You're a paranoid depressive

I kick-started my own heart with a magic microphone you gave
To me on my birthday when I was just 15 and
We sang Guilt: The Song and I played my guitar
We laughed
We cried
I gained 15 pounds
And in the end we walked out smiling, hand in sweaty hand
And we sang, and we danced, we even made our own new band
But it was all some stupid dream so I guess that nothing really matters
I'm still stupid, I'm still ugly, I'm a paranoid depressive
I'm a paranoid depressive
I'm a paranoid depressive
I'm a paranoid depressive
Track Name: Basement
I remember when we met when you had first moved in
We went down into your basement the door was open
And we sat by the window
And looked out at the swingset
We were just kids
We were just kids

I remember when you told me it was time for you to go to college
I remember waking up and going out and wondering where your car went

And I was so alone on that summer night when you came home to see your old friends
I looked you dead in the eyes and insisted that you stayed for the weekend

I remember waking up when the sun would punch my eyelids
I remember when you'd laugh at me every time I did something stupid
And I was waiting for a good time to give you back your bracelet
I would joke around and say that I couldn't remember where I put it

It's still inside my drawer and all I wanna do is find a way to give it back
It's the only thing you left, I am tired of being attached

And you were feeling lost in California
While I was in my room trapped in Virginia
If I had been the one to walk away
I probably would've done the same exact thing

(Mandolin Solo)

But you were feeling lost in California
While I was in my room trapped in Virginia
If I had been the one to walk away
I probably would've done the same exact thing
I'm sitting on the swing in your backyard
And looking at the porch where you used to eat on
There are countless things I should have said
Just couldn't get the thoughts out of my head
Track Name: Julia's House
It's darker outside
Than it was before
I'm sitting inside
I'm fuckin' bored
But please don't bother me

You say, "I can change"
You say you can't wait
I say I'm afraid
That you don't care
Any more than I do now

I'm sorry
So sorry
I'm pathetic

So I'll stop caring
And you'll stop helping
Then we'll stop talking
And I'll start hating myself
Track Name: Get Fucked
We've got in down
To a science
Fucked up my head with a single fall from grace
There's no excuse for being scared of being young
Consequences of my youth seem like they're finally catching up

And now I'm getting fucked up with other things
Like assumptions I've made and the people I've done wrong

I've got you down
Like the back of my hand
You told me not to think about
My embarrassing lack of self-esteem

Is that what this is? I feel it
It's in my bruised and battered lungs
Oh, please tell me I'm not wrong

You've got me down
You're a scientist
So you knew I'd never have a place to go when this was all over with
My head is spinning so fast that I can't keep up with it
I'll probably lose what's left of my mind if I keep having to deal with this

That's why I'm getting fucked up with other things like the stupidest little shit
That's why we're waiting for an answer to this question
So that we can know for sure if we are right because if we're not then we are just wrong
Track Name: Sad Punk Blues
I'm having trouble trying to sleep and I can't stay up during class
My work ethic's not what it used to be
And people say it's just these things that go away as we get older
But I haven't washed these jeans in two whole weeks

And those family vacations that we took to Carolina
All the broken bones we got from falling down
And all the pictures that we took that I deleted from my camera roll
Are the reason that I'll never trust myself with you again

I'm a first class loser with a ticket straight to Hell
And all the memories I've made are gnawing at me
All the people that I trust cannot remember my last name
And I don't blame them - I forget it all the time

My soul belongs to the Devil and my heart is made of mud
And all my veins are pulsing poison through my body
Oh, my eyes see red, red, red
And my brain, it wants me dead
And I'm incapable of telling you I'm sorry
Oh, oh, oh

They took a crowbar to my car and stole my wallet from the dashboard
Can't believe those petty bandits got away
They left a note down on the floor, kinda perched up on the pedal
Said, "Hey Jack, I hope you have a shitty day"

And I did, I'll admit it - I don't wanna go to work
I would rather kinda lay in my bed
But if I keep on blowing off all of the things that truly matter
All the anger I suppress will surely get into my head
Oh, oh, oh

I can't wait for the nap I'm gonna take when I get home
And I'm afraid of feeling sad again when I wake up tomorrow
Oh, the meds are settin' in, and it's time to see my friends again
And just pretend that nothing's ever been so wrong

And I can't wait until I'm old enough to get out of this town
I'll make new friends and find a city with the best punk scene around
Oh, I'm an outcast, I'm a loner
I'm a mess and I'm joker
All I really want is to be left alone for a while
Oh, oh, oh
Track Name: Flowerchild
My eyes
My eyes are burning
My eyes
I can't see a thing
I blame you

My heart
My heart is pumping blood throughout my body
I feel alive
For the first time in my life
(It's like I'm thinking of you)

My brain
My brain can't think a single thought
I'm feeling stupid
I kinda like it
Gets the evil thoughts I think out of my head for at least another minute

I can't
I cannot feel my fucking hands
It's hard to feel it
Whenever you touch me
I am dying
(You're probably thinking of me)
Track Name: Post-Show Depression
I can't hear you yelling at me to shut the fuck up if we blare the radio
Red water in the bathtub
Broken wrists from falling out the window

I would write you a song if I knew what I should say
This is all I've got

Car crashes and angry faces when I mention that one thing that you had said
My skin is bleaching and my lips are peeling
So I'll probably just go back to bed

I'd write Maddie a song if I could hear myself think
But you don't like the songs I've written in the past
Hey I might answer my phone if I had reason to believe
That you would care
Track Name: Sad Troll's Lament
I was raised to believe in a god
That my parents don't believe in
But I still use it as an excuse
For my self-righteous actions regardless
I hate who I am, who I was
Who I'll be and where I'm headed
I spend all of my nights under blankets
Just praying I don't get into heaven

There is no love in my heart
There never was

I've spent my entire life under bridges
So scared of being too ugly
I have never experienced love
Or led a life worth living

I was so bored of living on the outside
I felt ignored by a god that I had trusted my whole life

I'll break my neck
I'll break my neck
I'll break my neck
To kiss my own ass once again (x2)

I'll break my neck
I'll break my neck
I'll break my neck
So I finally feel human again

I'll break my neck
I'll break my neck
I'll break my neck
So I can finally kiss my own ass again
Track Name: I Hate Myself
I need you to lower your voice again so I can feel myself breathe. I have another headache from the words I keep on screaming, like I'm sorry for the rug-burns, all the holes inside your sweatshirts, all the naps I didn't let you take, I showed at your doorstep. All the sprite cans and the heartbreaks, and the secrets I'm still keeping, and I really hate myself again, I really hate myself, I really, really hate myself, I'm sorry that I hate myself again.